Extracurricular Ministry Popping Up

This spring is popping up all sorts of extracurricular ministry opportunities.

I finished up preaching 5 great weeks at Parkway BC in the end of January.

I led a children’s ministry consultation for my home church Campbellsville Baptist from November till February and now serve as a member of the Children’s Ministry Lead Team.  We really have a desire to reach and encourage families and children in this community (http://cbcfamilies.wordpress.com)

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 28), I will spend the next 5 weeks at Columbia Baptist Church consulting with them in community outreach strategies and Sunday school discipleship efforts as part of the KBC Find It Here emphasis.

This coming up weekend (March 5-6) I will be the speaker for the Blackford Breckenridge Bapt. Assoc. DiscipleNow weekend.  I got to do this last year and it was way too much fun.  100+ teenagers, 25+ leaders from over 20 churches all coming together for worship, Bible study, and community.  I also get to privilege to train their leaders in how to be a decision counselor for their students.

Then in 3 weeks I leave for the Holy Land.  A 10-day tour with 29 students, faculty, and friends of Campbellsville University walking where Jesus walked and seeing the sites which hold a piece of our heritage of faith.

There is even more opportunities possibly coming down the pike  after Easter.

I am so grateful and humbled by the fact that God chooses to use me in His kingdom’s work.  I am always reminded when I think about his grace and mercy that I deserve none of this.  Thank Lord for using me your servant.

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