My Top 5 Israel Pics

After looking through thousands of Holy Land pictures for the School of Theology website and to hang up in Druien Hall, I recognized I put videos on my blog but not photos.

So instead of putting hundreds of pictures of my Holy Land Tour in March, I thought I would select my TOP 5 pics. (I did not take these photos, others did, but we all shared our files together. Thank you Marcus, Gabe, Eric, Scott, and Doug for these.)

No. 5

Golgotha - The Place of the Skull; A Hill Called Mt. Calvary

No. 4

The Empty Tomb of Jesus

No. 3

Teaching in the Garden of Gethsemane

No. 2

3 of my students praying at the Wailing Wall - Doug, Marcus, Garett

No. 1

Baptismal service in the Jordan River - Dr. Taylor, Dr. Wigginton, Dr. Hurtgen, and me

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