My Passport Stamp List

Jennifer and I have been in a countries-visited contest ever since we first met.  With my trip to Jordan in a couple weeks, I am finally going to pass her up. O’ sweet victory.  Here is our lists (in no particular order):

Shane’s List

    1. Russia
    2. Canada (Does this really count? Yeah, sure it does.)
    3. Mexico
    4. Italy
    5. El Salvador
    6. Costa Rica
    7. Austria
    8. Spain
    9. England
    10. France
    11. Egypt
    12. Malta
    13. China
    14. Israel
    15. Jordan (Yeah, I’m going in the lead!)
  2.  Jennifer’s List

    1. Phillippines
    2. Taiwan
    3. Malta
    4. Egypt
    5. Mexico
    6. Canada
    7. Spain
    8. France
    9. Italy
    10. Austria
    11. El Salvador
    12. Costa Rica
    13. England
    14. Switzerland

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