5 Assumptions of Evolution

Time and time again, I am confronted with postmodern students who want to elevate an argument against the Bible using the theory of evolution.  I get this every semester, even by students who claim to be Christians (which is very worrisome to say the least).

While I don’t mind the debate (actually, I kinda enjoy it), I always wonder why an evolutionist is so happy and proud of being an evolutionist.  It is one of the most defeated, sad, nihilistic theories that exists.  The theory makes humanity worthless.  Just raw materials and biological functions.  No dignity or value as living persons.  If I were an evolutionist, I would be so depressed to know my contribution to the world was utterly pointless.  Who wants to live that way?

In order to be a full evolutionist, you have to embrace 5 basic assumptions.  You can’t pick and choose which ones you like or dislike.  You have to embrace all 5 or you’re not in the club.  And trust me, if you don’t want to go all in, they don’t want you.  It’s either all or nothing.  No in-between. 

Here are the 5 assumptions.

1.  Everything in the universe is random.  There is no pattern or design to anything.  Everything is a series of random happenstance.  That includes you.  Aren’t you proud of yourself?  Random chance created you.  Random chance will kill you. 

2. Your soul is a biological phenomenon, not a spiritual reality.  Your feelings, emotions, wants, desires, aspirations and longings are purely biological.  Just a series of chemical releases in the brain and rampant hormones on the loose.  What you feel is not rooted in your spirit or inner self.  According to the evolutionist, you are merely matter, nothing more, nothing less.

3.  Your value as a person is purely molecular, nothing more.  You’re not special.  You’re not unique.  You don’t have extraordinary potential or significant worth.  You are molecules living in space bumping into one another.  Apparently your mother lied, God didn’t break the mold when He made you.  For the evolutionist, there is no God.  There is no mold.  There is nothing whatsoever special about you.

4.  The universe is very, very old.  This assumption has to be true in order to have enough time for all the randomization and chance to produce the world and universe we have today.  Since the world is so old, no chance that your life is going to make much of a difference in the larger scheme of things.  If the universe is 80, 90, 100+ billions of years old, your meager 80 years of life isn’t going to matter one iota.

5.  More mutations will occur as time continues.  Finally, since humanity is formed from mutations in single cell molecular life up through apes then to humans, we should be expecting some new lifeforms to show up any time now.  Meaning in 10 million years, when super-advanced human lifeforms rule the earth, they will look back on us as stupid Cro-magnon neanderthals.   Even more reason to feel special.

To all the Evolutionists out there, I feel pity for you because your outlook on life really stinks.


7 thoughts on “5 Assumptions of Evolution

  1. Well Said Shane. As someone who holds an Environment Science degree and also MTh, I know firsthand the views that hardcore evolutionists hold. They are completely ignoring another scientific law that physicists have held….a little thing called “entropy”. Entropy states that the universe is in a continual state of changing from order to disorder or chaos. You simply cannot have a group of atoms or molecules arbitrarily coalesce into a higher or more ordered state of being…it goes against the law of entropy…..ie: life coming from the primordial soup simply could not happen if entropy is engaged.

    Hard core creationists on the other hand ignore the basic meaning of evolution…that is change over time….in my way of thinking…perhaps God engineered life the ability to adapt to changes in environment so as to be able survive in an every changing world….this ability does not necessarily mean that life forms can jump from one species to another but simply things like…northern versions of the same animal being larger in order to conserve body heat in harsher winters….equatorial humans having darker skin in order to live in areas with greater UV light….

  2. I’m a Christian. I believe God used evolutionary process to bring humanity to its current state. You might, like our friend Al Mohler, say I’m confused. I’d say I take science seriously (which is different than ‘worshiping’ science which is a common and lame accusation).

    I reject your first 3 assumptions. The theistic evolutionist need not be committed to any of them (because he/she is a THEISTIC evolutionist).

    I AM committed to (4) and (5) though it’s not clear to me why this is a problem. (4) says “You’re not so special. You’re life doesn’t count for as much as you’d like. The world is a big place. It goes on without you. This world isn’t about you.” Didn’t we already know this? And are we supposed to reject evolution because it says we’re not as special as we’d like? This seems like a bad strategy for constructing a worldview: I’ll reject any theory that makes me feel like I’m not as important as I’d like.

    (5) may very well be true. So what? So members of the homo sapiens species are not the most sophisticated form of life to exist on the earth. Does it follow that evolution is false? That would be a strange conclusion to draw. Why think God values the higher forms of life more than the lower? If they both have souls, why not think they’re equally valuable in virtue of their having souls?

    Here’s my point: It seems like your post was (in part, at least) directed to theistic evolutionists. But (1-3) pose no problem for the theistic evolutionist. He/she thinks they’re false. (4) and (5) pose no problem either because it tells us what we already knew, namely, that we’re not a precious snowflakes (this, of course, is not to say we’re not intrinsically valuable and loved by God).

    It seems to me that conservative Christians (and I consider myself a conservative Christian–I’m Southern Baptist) often take shots at a caricature version of evolution. They misrepresent it so they can appear to have won a knock-down victory against it. I don’t need to tell you that this a fallacy of argumentation, and if anyone should be concerned about transparency and charity in argument, it should be Christians. So, can we please stop saying things like “[Evolution] is one of the most defeated, sad, nihilistic theories that exists.” This is false on all counts and betrays a lack of careful thought for the sake of a rhetorical “victory”.

  3. Eric,
    Thanks for responding to the post. I respect your disagreement and appreciate your comments. However, I am not trying to win a rhetorical victory. I am simply trying to say evolutionary science makes humanity insignificant. It completely eliminates our value in the creator order.

    You describe yourself as a conservative evangelical Christian (SBC denominationally). Would you deny the intrinsic value of humanity? Would you deny God created humans in His unique image, which is different than all other creation? Would you deny that evolutionary science makes humans insignificant in the larger scope of biological history?

    My sentiments are just to point out evolutionists, or theistic evolutionists, have very little to be proud of. In their view, people are not much more than a blimp in the chronological time span. That probably would include Jesus, since he was human. Just a hiccup in evolutionary time. Maybe not even a hiccup.

    Thanks again for the comments.

  4. To reject the idea that mankind was literally formed on the sixth day of a Bronze Age mythological narrative does not constitute rejecting mankind as uniquely created in God’s image. To the theistic evolutionist, the creation accounts reveal God’s intended meaning and purpose for his created order. Evolution merely outlines the processes by which this order came into being. I am often confused by the insistence of “creationists” that a scientific theory regarding biological origins can be so absolutely determinitive for theology – “If evolution is true, we’re worthless!” Seems to ascribe a frighteningly totalitarian import to science.

    Also, humans came from apes? That’s news to an evolutionist.

  5. To follow up and clarify my last comment, which may be vague: contrary to common implication, evolutionary theory does not posit that modern “apes” somewhere randomly mutated into humans. Rather, the species are related in the primate family by descent from a common ancestor. I felt the need to remark on the rhetoric because it is often wrongfully exploited by Y/OECs.

    • hey mate, just letting ya know that muatations dont actually input DNA. they destroy pre-existing DNA and that is degeneration, not evoloution. Genesis says that God made everything very good, meaning perfect DNA. muatations change the DNA and ‘helpful’ mutations remain due to natural selection (which is very real).
      another thing, if you dont believe that genesis is literal, who decides what is literal? was Jesus lying when He said He forgives sin. is it just a simmile. you either believe the whole Book, or call the whole thing a lie.
      i hope this gives u something more to consider and ponder

  6. But wait a minute, Moses was not an eyewitness to the Creation event, so anything he had to say in Genesis must be taken allegorically (and this is before we consider Modern Science). Many of the early theologians (including St. Augstine) treated the six days in Genesis as allegorical, not literal.

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