Unearthing Rocks in My Front Yard

The Spot That Will Not Go Away

I have this spot in my front yard that has bothered me ever since we bought our home 3 years ago.  It is a little spot right by the driveway, just down from the porch, that will not grow grass.  It is full of mud and rocks year-round. 

From what I can gather, that is either a pile of rocks leftover from when the driveway was gravel or possibly some rocks leftover from when the foundation was laid back in the 70’s.

Each spring I rake and shovel out several loads of rocks.  I desperately want grass to grow there.  I have planted seed and nothing works.  The rocks just keep rising up season after season.  I am in a constant, revolving cycle.  Remove the rocks.  Wait for grass.  Nothing happens.  Remove more rocks.  Wait for grass…

As I was removing another 3 shovels of rocks this morning, I was impressed that this is much like the Christian heart.  Rocks of hardness and sin are removed season after season, but more rocks come to the surface.  When the soil is wet and loose, rocks rise up. 

In my own life, there are rocks so deep that it will take another season of life to unearth them.  And even if I get those removed, by God’s grace, more rocks will appear in the coming season.

At one level it is kind of defeating and disappointing.  Will the soil ever be fertile enough to grow grass and be pleasing to the eye?  But on the other hand, it is encouraging to know God isn’t finished with me yet.  There are still places in my heart that are hardened toward Him.  The Spirit continually unearths these rocks for God’s greater glory in my life.

I wonder what rocks will show up in the next season of my life.  Pride.  Arrogance.  Unyielded spirit.  Discontentment.  I am glad the Lord has a big shovel and lots of patience.

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