Cell Phones in the Shower

Do you text in the shower?

Several weeks ago I was talking with a few youth pastors when I learned something new about American teenagers.  As you all know, teens are addicted to their cell phones.  They can’t leave home without them and seem to be on them almost 24 hours a day. 

Apparently this addiction has taken another step forward.  One youth pastor shared with me that his students are now sealing their cell phone in a Ziploc bag so they can text message in the shower.  They can’t wait the 10 minutes to takes to have a shower, so they have created a way to stay connected to their device even in the bathtub. 

Of course, I’ve seen my students texting in class with the phone tucked away in their jeans pocket or backpack.  Like you, I’ve seen them driving through town while tapping out a message in traffic.  But by far, this shower thing is absolutely over-the-top.

The conversation left me scratching my head and wondering about future generations.  But then I started to ask myself, “Am I any different?”  What addictive patterns are present in my life?  Whether it comes to drinking coffee or checking my email or watching TV, are their addictive behaviors in my life that I need to deal with?

What about you?  Are there addictive behaviors that you need to examine?  Are you addicted to your cell phone or laptop?  Are you addicted to caffeine or nicotine?  Are you addicted to a certain TV show or video game?  Are you addicted to something more serious such as alcohol, prescription drugs, pornography, gambling, shopping, or food? 

Living a life for Christ means putting him first above all things, including your behaviors and wants.  He must be our singular treasure, our first and primary love.  All other things must be placed in complete submission to him.  He wants you to live a life focused on him and his kingdom, not to the addictive things of this world which are fleeting.

It might be time to leave the _____________ (you fill in the blank) behind.  In other words, leave the phone on the sink.

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