Love Expressed through Speed of Response

I’ve learned yet another interesting dynamic in the wild world of Millennials and iGens.  This new dynamic concerns the way love is communicated in relationship.  It appears Millennials, and the younger generation becoming known as iGens, determine how much they are loved, or unloved for that matter, by the speed of response to their text messages.  The amount of time between receipt of message and sent response is a determiner of love and value in a personal relationship.

Sound confusing.  I understand.  But let’s walk out how this works in practicality. 

Let’s pretend you are a parent, teacher, coach, pastor, minister or mentor of a Millennial.   They send you a text message about something going on in their life and they want your input on the situation.  As you receive and read the message, you have to make a determination on whether or not the message is worth replying to at that moment. 

If you think the message needs immediate attention and is valuable enough to spend your time, thought and energy replying to, you fire a response back within minutes.  In the mind of the Millennial, this is true love.

But let’s say you decide the message isn’t worth responding to or not so urgent to get your attention right away, so you put off replying until the next day or possibly not at all.  In the mind of the Millennial, you don’t love them.

For the Millennial, love and value in relationships are expressed through the speed of communication response.  The more you love them, the faster you will respond to their messages.  If the relationship is healthy and vibrant, you will respond within minutes.  However if the relationship is strained or not as important as other things, you will choose to wait hours, days or not respond at all.

I guess I need to start texting.  Nah, not yet.

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