Blog Sabbatical Over

My official month long sabbatical from the blog is now over.  I am back and blogging away.  It was good to be gone for a while, but even more enjoyable to get back in the swing of things.  I hope my regular readers haven’t given up on me.  I just needed a bit of a break as the new semester kicked off.

But to give a quick update on the fam.

Starting back at the end of August, I became the interim pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in Garrard Co.  This is the fourth interim pastorate I have been asked to serve.  LBC is awesome.  The congregation is very loving and community-oriented.  In just 7 weeks, we’ve already had a huge 9-11 service for local police, firefighters, EMS and first responders.  Last Sunday we hosted nearly 100 fall athletes and marching band members from Garrard Co. High School and Middle School.  I anticipate being at LBC through the year and possibly some into 2012 as they search for a new pastor.

Jennifer started something significant in August as well.  She officially became a Ph.D. student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  She is completing her Ph.D. in Family Ministry.  This has been a great shift in our family as she needs a lot of time throughout the week to study and do homework.  It will take her about 4 years total to complete the program, but I am thrilled for her.  She continues to be an adjunct at CU.

The boys are doing great and playing lots of soccer.  Isaac is dominating his Under 6 league having scored nearly 30 goals in 4 games.  He is faster than lightning.  Ethan’s Little Feet Soccer just finished this week.  He will be ready for U6 next year.  The Garrison boys might be a force to reckon with in Campbellsville Youth Soccer for years to come.

Thanks for checking in.  I got some posts in the hopper just waiting to come out.

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