Living Grace Take 2

Starting July 1, I will begin a second stint as Transitional Pastor of Living Grace Church here in Campbellsville.

I served LGC way back in 2008-09 for about 6 months as they went through a pastor search process.  That was my first year back in Campbellsville after being away for 10 years.  It was an interesting re-introduction to the community I’d hoped to raise my family in and to the radically diverse nature of church dynamics in the lil’ ville.

While my first stint with LGC was rather short, I have stayed in decent contact with the church and its leaders over the past few years.  I was honored to be friends with both Pastor Phillip Kelley (who came right after me) and also with Pastor Jason Fox (who I will be following).  Actually Jason’s daughter Stella and my boy Isaac are quite the item.

I’ve spent time with both brother-pastors and learned about how things were going at the church.  Maple Trail, my consulting firm, was hired on back in 2009 to do a ministry consultation which gave me more insight into the workings of LGC.

As with any transitional ministry, I will keep my interim ministry philosophy intact with this one…
1.  Don’t change anything unless asked.  And only change things that you can see through all the way till the end.

2.  Don’t start anything new unless asked.  Actually transitional ministry can be a great time to winnow ministry offerings choosing the most essential over the unnecessary.

3.  Only give input when asked.  And when giving input offer more solutions than problems.  There is no need to add burdens onto the lay leadership in the midst of pastoral change.

4.  Pass the baton well by not getting confused about my role.  I am not the starter of the race nor the finisher, just one of the men running a middle leg.  Therefore I do everything possible to help the search team, support the lay leadership, and establish stability across the body.  That way when I leave, everyone is happy knowing we reached the intended goal.

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