Walk On – New Series @ LGC

walkon2I am so excited about our next message series at Living Grace Church.  For the next few weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, March 31, I will be sharing a series of messages called Walk ON from the book of Exodus.  We will start after the plagues upon Egypt and follow the path of Moses and the Hebrew people took through the desert all the way to Mt. Nebo in Deuteronomy 34.

The Exodus is the pinnacle event of the entire Old Testament, which leads us perfectly to the pinnacle event of all human history, the cross and resurrection of Jesus.  Every Christian, every believer in God, every person in a committed relationship with Jesus need to move away from some things.  We all have “Egypts” in our lives that we need to get away from, but keep drawing us back.

I am praying this series will bring freedom to your life in Christ and for our church, bring us into a clearer vision of what lies ahead, not forever destined to look back at what we left behind.

Feb 10:  Walking Out of Your Egypt
Feb 17:  Walking In-between the Lord
Feb 24:  Walking Through on Dry Land
Mar 10:  Walking in the Midst of God’s Grace
Mar 17:  Around the Mountain of God
Mar 24: Walking Faithfully Until the End

I do hope you will come every Sunday @ 10:30 AM.  And bring your Bible!

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