Jesus and the Cross Verse 4

Part 4 of 6 Jesus and the Cross Holy Week Reflections

Mark 10:45   For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

The paying of a ransom creates an interesting picture in our minds. We think of a kidnapper leaving a ransom note or a plane being high-jacked and the assailants delivering their ransom demands.  Some form of payment must be made for the child or the passengers to be freed.

Sin has kidnapped us.  Sin has high-jacked our lives away from God.  Therefore a ransom had to be paid.  Something had to be exchanged to ultimately deal with our sin-filled soul.  Yet there is nothing we could ever payback for our wickedness.  Our lives are tainted with ongoing sin and our hearts are wildly corrupt.

So God paid the ransom.  He gave one life to be the ransom for all who believe.  The perfect given for the imperfect.  The sinless savior given for sinful humanity.  The death of God’s one and only Son was a ransom paid in full for those who trust Him by faith.

That happen on the cross.  But how?  You shall see in verse 5.

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