Did Jesus Ever Get Sick?

I’ve been coughing for about two weeks.  Cough drops, cough syrup, Nyquil and hot coffee have been my cures. Over the past week, a question has kept sneaking into my head.  Is there any reference in the Gospels of Jesus having a cold?  Did Jesus ever get sick?  I know he was fully human, which means he walked, slept, ate, drank, needed a bath and had to go to the bathroom, but did he ever experience a sickness or physical injury.

I have looked over and over in the New Testament for an example of Jesus getting a stubbed toe or a hangnail; nothing. I have looked for Jesus needing to sit out for a while because he pulled a hamstring or had a cut on his foot; nada. No reference to Jesus sneezing, coughing, or needing a hankie.

I know Jesus suffered the torture of the crucifixion and the horrific beating of the Romans, but before that did he ever have a broken finger or strained muscle?  Did he get headaches or an upset stomach?  Did he ever get a sinus infection or have a raspy voice from preaching too much?  Was there times during his carpenter years when he couldn’t go out on the job site because he was up all night coughing up a lung (an experience I have become very familiar with the last couple weeks)?

Just a question I am thinking about.  One of those questions I will probably ask when I get to heaven.  Not as deep as other questions I have, but one that has been on my mind as I have been popping Halls like they are candy.

LifeWay VBS 1987

The LifeWay Customer Care department sent me this today and I just had to share it here on the blog.

This is the a picture of the cover and logo from the Vacation Bible School I was saved at way back in the summer of 1987 at Lewisport Baptist Church. This would have been the cover of the teaching materials in my middle children class.

The fine people at LifeWay dug it up in their vast archives for me. It makes me so happy to see it.

VBS materials have come a long way since 1987.

Thanks LifeWay for making great VBS materials for years.  And thank you Ms. Sharon Brown for sharing the Gospel with me for the very first time in 1987.

My First FIFA World Cup

My first FIFA World Cup exposure was in 1994.  The World Cup was hosted in the US.  I was quite intrigued by the  the new popularity of soccer in the States.

I had never watched soccer much.  Didn’t play it in my high school.  Actually our community didn’t have any soccer fields or leagues.  I had played a Nintendo version of soccer, but that was about it.

Watching those crowds cheer and sing and bang drums was very exciting to me.  Seeing people from all over the world descend upon these stadiums and cheer their brains out was inspiring.

#7 Del Piero

Since that first exposure, I have kept up with futbol.  I attended a couple MLS games while living in Dallas.  I bought and viciously played FIFA World Cup on my PlayStation (always using Italia as my national team and Roma as my club team).

I traveled to Naples and Rome in summer of 2006, I saw the anticipation of an Italian bid for the cup.  They did win the cup and I was so excited for them.  My son actually has an Alessandro Del Piero jersey hanging in his closet.

All this to say, once your hooked, your hooked.  I will watch every match I can for the 2010 World Cup.  There is nothing like this in the world.  I believe the World Cup is so much larger than the Olympic because of the intensity of the game.

For a few weeks the attention of nearly every nation on the globe will be centered in South Africa to watch men play the most beloved sport in all the world.  I hope to go someday to experience the craziness first hand.  I think I will add that to my bucket list.

Go USA! Vive Italia!

Update on Theology 4 Kids

We have had an interesting summer already with our book Theology 4 Kids.

Just to fill everyone in.  I, along with my esteemed colleague Dr. Jarvis Williams are writing a book called “Theology 4 Kids.”  Basically it is a book to help parents and teachers teach the deep doctrines of the Bible to gradeschool and preschool aged children.  We tackle 21 of the hardest doctrines like the trinity, God’s holiness, redemption, God’s sovereignity, etc.

B&H Academic initially showed much interest, but has since viewed the book as more for parents and less for future pastors and seminary students.  Their market is seminary and Bible college classrooms, which might not fit our book’s audience the best.  The other side of B&H Publishing (called Trade) is very interested in the book, but has no room for another parenting book this year.  Two others are already in progress by more notable writers.

So we are re-working the proposal and planning to ship it to a few other publishers to see if there is any interest.  If not, we will stay with B&H and try to wiggle in a spot in the publishing plan for 2012 or 2013.

Like I tell my boys all the time when they ask for something, not emphatically yes or no, but “We’ll see.”

My First Book…Maybe

A while back I shipped out a book proposal to B&H Publishing on the Millennial generation. I never got any feedback and I wondered why.

Well, now I know why. This summer Dr. Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay, and his son Sam Rainer will be publishing their own book on Millennials.  Also Dr. Tim Elmore, author of “Habitudes” and nationally-known speaker and former consultant with Injoy, will be publishing a book called “iGens” on Millennials as well.  I guess I was too late to the game to get any callbacks.

But I am working on another “secret” book proposal now.  But this time I am bringing in some other contributors to help me with the book.  The audience for the book is Christian parents who want to teach theologically-rich content to their gradeschool and preschool aged children as they serve as the primary disciplers of their kids.

Dr. Ware's Book

As a parent of two preschool boys, I am constantly trying to find ways to explain big theological doctrines to my boys’ little hearts and minds.  Dr. Bruce Ware and his book “Big Truths for Young Hearts” has been my motivation.  I loved his book and wished he had gone one step further.  I wished he would have included activities, object lessons, projects, and illustrations to do with your children in teaching them theology.

Our new book will do just that.  It will include a brief scriptural overview of the doctrine (i.e., communion, God’s sovereignty, Jesus’ divinity, the Trinity, Jesus’ return, etc.), then provide parents with specific instructions in how to communicate these ideas to their children using age-appropriate language, and then conclude with 5 – 10 ideas of how to practically teach these concepts to children through learning activities and spiritual play.

I think this sounds like a winner.  Now only if we can find a publisher willing to pick up our book?  More info to come…I hope.